Fish Oil The Essential Supplement for Fitness And Life

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Fish Oil The Essential Supplement for Fitness And Life

Not Just For Bodybuilders an Everybody Supplement.

Fish oil has become a common supplement amongst the fitness world and the general public.  From bodybuilders to normal guys, fish oil is a part of every supplement stack these days along with Multivitamins.  And why's great supplement!   

There is a belief that supplements are meant to be used only by people who hit the gym and weight train, this isn't true for fish oil. Moreover, it is not a supplement that's just available at a bodybuilding supplement store. Fish oil supplements are available at any local supermarket. 

The Health Benefits

Fish Oil has many health benefits some of which we are all sceptical of but in saying that can't be ignored 

1. Omega 3's can help depression and anxiety.

2. Omega 3's can improve eye health.

3. Omega 3's can fight inflammation.

4. Omega 3's can improve bone and joint health.

These are some of the benefits with there being many more why aren't you trying Fish oil today.


When Should you take Fish Oil ? 

I never started taking Fish Oil to I started Lifting Weights. I never understood the benefits and was sceptical of it and believed that it was a waste of money.  When your young and under 30 years of age, fish oil for most people is not required but if your training heavy and sore a lot I would recommend it at any age. Once you hit 30 years of age the over use of your body at work and  is the start of joint pain and stiffness for most of us.  This is the age I recommend  taking Fish oil, it has taken away my shoulder pain from sports injuries and over use at work. That is the amazing power of the Fish Oil. 


Fish Oils I Recomend.

Below are some of the Fish Oils names and brands I have tried and recommend they are

Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil a Good Value for money buy.

Muscletech Omega Fish Oil a Good Value for money buy.

Jym Supplement Science Omega Jym  Expensive but worth it if you can afford it.

Controlled Labs Oxi-Mega Fish Oil a good value for buy.

Musclepharm Fish Oil a good value money buy.

Universal Animal Omega for the Experienced Trainers a great product.

They are all good most affordable are Muscletech and Optimum Nutrition but Omega Jym and Oximega Fish Oil are stronger. If Fish Oil isn't strong enough there is Krill Oil and Joint Formulas out there for those who suffer from bad joint pain but Fish Oil is a great way to start and is the cheapest option for those who want to try it.  



Whether you take fish oil after reading this article or not my only advice would be is to give it a try if you need it. I for many years didn't and wouldn't have taken it as i didn't need it. Once the joint pain came i was looking for the least invasive option and fish oil definitely has helped me and is part of my everyday Supps Stack and I would recommend making it part of yours.



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