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ECDY Labs Ecdysterone Pro 90% Standardised 500mg Caps

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ECDY LABS Ecdysterone Pro 90% Standardised 500mg CAPS
Turkesterone users, take note! Another naturally occurring steroid from the ecdysteroids family is beta ecdysterone (20-hydroxyecdysone). Given Turkesterone's success, it seems natural that Ecdysterone is the latest addition to the newest trends to reach the market. Similar to Turk, Ecdysteroids are used by plants and insects to support a range of natural physiological functions.
  • All Natural - Ecdysterone PRO is formulated from an all natural ecdysteroid compound derived from the Cyanotis Arachnoidea plant.
  • Maximum bioavailability - Ecdysterone PRO includes a Hydroxypropyl β Cyclodextrin complex to improve bio-availability (the ability for the body to efficiently absorb the Ecdysterone)
  • Concentrated - Ecdysterone PRO is isolated to 90% - 95% standardisation, with each batch sampled and validated via HPLC (High-performance Liquid Chromatograph)
  • A must have supplement stack - Do a quick online search and you'll see the many supportive claims and papers that highlight the benefits for athletes that decide to include Ecdysterone in a supplement stack, in conjunction with a proper resistance based training program.
Use of Ecdysterone may assist with:
  • Potential to aid muscle and strength building
  • Potential to aid with protein synthesis
  • Support of lean body mass when combined with resistance training

How it works:

By activating the oestrogen receptor beta (ER beta), beta ecdysterone promotes the growth of lean muscle mass. By activating certain anabolic pathways, ER signalling is important in the control of skeletal muscle development and regeneration.

Previous human studies have demonstrated that ecdysterone treatment resulted in stronger and more hypertrophic resistance-trained subjects than placebo-treated subjects. Most notably, research has shown that beta ecdysterone does not interact with the androgen receptor and, as a result, does not have the adverse effects that are frequently linked to the use of traditional anabolics.

Additionally, it was shown that those who ingested beta ecdysterone did not exhibit any dangerous levels of kidney or liver biomarkers, suggesting that beta ecdysterone has a low toxicity and is safe for use.

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