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ONEST Hyperload Pre-Workout

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  • Explosive Pre Workout Formula
  • Maximise Strength & Power
  • Increase Mental Focus & Clarity
  • Experience Powerful Muscle Pumps
  • Achieve Peak Workout Performace


Tired of having mediocre workouts that don't produce results?

HyperLoad is scientifically formulated to instantly help you pump out more reps, increase strength, reduce muscle fatigue and improve endurance so you can maximize your workouts and achieve results you never thought possible.

Whether you're trying to hit a new personal best in the gym, want to smash through your cardio sessions or just want more energy and focus to take your workouts to the next level, HyperLoad is your new secret weapon!


HyperLoad comes without the usual jitters, over stimulation, or energy crashes.

We’ve added two special ingredients that make HyperLoad unique. L-theanine, which reduces anxiety and stress, while enhancing the ability to relax. And Dicaffeine Malate, a special type of caffeine that’s proven to slow the release of energy.

That’s why HyperLoad delivers insane focus and peak elevated energy for 2-3 hours, without the energy crashes or jittery feelings.


Strap yourself in, as research-backed ingredients in HyperLoad turn your focus and intensity up a notch.

Nitrosigine® has been shown to significantly boost mental acuity and focus. AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC improves cognitive function, helping support neurotransmitters vital for brain cell performance.

Intense, focused workouts are the pathway to building a powerful, lean physique. With HyperLoad, giving it your best will feel like a walk in the park.

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