SAN Pure CLA 1250

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SAN Pure CLA 1250

Expires 2020

Early studies with CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) at the University of Wisconsin sparked curiosity about this naturally occurring fatty acid. It has since been shown to have positive effects on lean body composition, and it has been suggested to support healthy immune system function.*

PURE CLA 1250 not only helps prevent fat accumulation and oxidize fat for energy, but it also has positive effects on cholesterol and triglyceride levels already in normal range. Another supportive function towards lean body composition is from the increased muscle building characteristics of PURE CLA 1250.*

In your quest to achieve a lean and healthy body, PURE CLA 1250 will help you shape the goals you demand when used with a healhty diet and exercise regimen.*


  • Quick-release softgel
  • Helps convert bodyfat into energy*
  • Promotes lean body composition*
  • Supports healthy immune system function*