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RSP Nutrition KETO BHB (16 serve) 240g

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 RSP Nutrition Keto BHB

Expiration Date 07/2021

Exogenous Ketone Powder
KetoBHB RSP KetoBHB features goBHB® ketones, a unique ketone body that provides a natural, direct, and efficient energy source for the brain and body. Shown to increase mental cognition, improve training capacity and provide an immediate and sustained energy source, RSP KetoBHB’s are the smart choice for those looking to embrace the benefits of the ketogenic pathway.*


Gague Icon Carbohydrate Free Fuel*
Movement Icon Immediate and Sustained Energy While in Ketosis*

Fire Icon Accelerates Ketosis*

 RSP Nutrition Keto BHB

Directions For Keto BHB:

Powder: Take 1 scoop (15 g), ideally on an empty stomach prior to exercise or when an energy boost is desired. Keto BHB may be used any time of the day for elevating ketone levels for improved mental and physical performance. For best results, combine with a proper keto diet and training program or take when already in ketosis.