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Promera Sports Con-Cret 72 Capsules

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Expiry 11/2023

About this item

  • Get all the benefits of Promera Sports' CON-CRET Creatine HCl powder in one convenient capsule! It's easy to swallow, and leaves no bitter aftertaste. There are no restrictions on food or drink while taking these capsules.
  • Made in the USA! Each individual bottle has a safety seal across the bottle opening under the cap. Each bottle contains 72 capsules. Normal Training: 1 capsule per 100 pounds of body weight. Intense Training: 1-2 capsules per 100 pounds of body weight. Off Days: 1 capsule per 100 pounds of weight to assist in muscle recovery.
  • Looking for stimulant free workout support? These patented creatine HCl capsules are a better choice than other options. It contains no unnecessary additives, artificial colors, carbs, sugar, or even any calories. It is gluten free and vegan friendly.
  • These creatine HCl capsules are gentle on your stomach and easy to digest. Take it with or without food. If you have trouble swallowing capsules and tablets, you can open up this one and mix the powder with your favorite protein shake, juice, or just plain water.
  • Enjoy all the benefits from creatine without any of the side effects experienced with other products, such as bloating, muscle cramps and water retention. If you have trouble digesting dietary supplements in capsule formula, powdered CON-CRET may be a more palatable option.