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Nude. Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate 33 Servings (1kg)

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Expiration Date: March 2021

All of our NUDE. whey protein products are non-genetically modified and free of artificial colours and sweeteners.

NUDE. isn’t dressed up with additives and fillers like many brands today and you won’t find fancy labels hiding our products.

NUDE. is nutrition with nothing to hide – stripped back… laid bare… naked… and simply nude.


To guarantee quality, we only source our whey protein from New Zealand dairy cows that maintain a 100% grass-fed diet.  The milk from the cows is non-GMO, with no rBGH or rBST


New Zealand and Australia have banned the use of Bovine Growth Hormones in dairy cows, however many countries, such as the USA still permit its administration.  By using New Zealand whey we can guarantee the purity of our products.