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If you are looking for some serious muscle strength support to increase your lean mass, Peak Series Pro Amp + by MuscleTech will be your protein powder's new best friend. This supplement has been designed to help you build strength and size by amplifying your body’s amino acid absorption. 

 MuscleTech’s Peak Series supplements have been engineered to optimize your life and maximise your results. For superior size and increased strength, Peak Series Pro Amp + by MuscleTech combines Peak ATP®, creatine, and betaine. Calcium HMB can also be found in this formula and has been shown to support muscle recovery. Well recovered muscles are extremely important if you want to continue smashing out your workouts and make some serious gains. 

 Add a serving of Peak Series Pro Amp + to your protein shake to take it to the next level. This supplement is suitable for both women and men to use no matter what type of exercise activities you partake in. Endurance athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and crossfitters can all benefit from gaining lean muscle mass! Increase your athletic performance by providing your body with all the muscle-boosting nutrients that it needs.

 When you add Peak Series pro Amp + by Muscletech to your supplement stack, you’ll: 

  • Support muscle recovery and growth
  • Amplify amino acid absorption
  • Add a serving to your protein shake or pre-workout
  • Have a supplement that has been designed to help all fitness enthusiast to reach their goals
  • Have an unflavoured muscle builder supplement that delivers real results