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Melrose MCT Kick Start 250ml/500ml

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Melrose MCT Kick Start 250ml/500ml

Get ready for an active day—with the Melrose Give Me A Kick Start MCT Oil! This all-natural supplement contains 100% medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) derived from coconut. Include it into your daily routine if you are looking for a brain fuel that also increases energy levels, improves physical performance, assists in weight loss and supports overall health! MCTs are easily absorbed and converted in the liver to ketones which allows the body to produce energy from good fats rather than from sugar and carbs. 

  • Fuel mental and physical performance.
  • Help you get into and stay in ketosis.
  • Supports fat burning.
  • Free of palm oil.

Simply start with one teaspoon per day and experience its amazing benefits. It can be used as a pre-workout to help physical performance when exercising. Furthermore, the Melrose Give Me A Kick Start MCT Oil increases long-lasting energy as MCTs are absorbed by the liver instantly and encourage the body to produce energy from good fats, making you go stronger and harder for a longer period of time. 

Melrose Give Me A Kick Start MCT Oil has antioxidant properties that help speed up metabolism and may reduce sugar cravings.

It also supports gut health and may prevent cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. The MCTs in this product are sourced from sustainable, 100% organic coconut farms in the Philippines. Free of palm oil, gluten, GM and soy, Melrose Give Me A Kick Start MCT Oil is suitable for vegans and those who are following a ketogenic diet.