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Kaged Muscle SR Carnosyn Beta-Alanine 120 Tablets (Expiry 08/2020)

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Expires 08/2020

  • 1600 mg Beta-Alanine (as SR CarnoSyn®) per serving
  • Sustained release beta-alanine
  • Improves athletic performance*
  • Enhanced muscle concentration of carnosine*
  • 100% Vegan tablets

Kaged Muscle® SR CarnoSyn® is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in the science of delivering muscle performance. Scientists have known for years that beta-alanine provides athletes with performance enhancement, however, SR CarnoSyn® has taken things to the next level. SR CarnoSyn®delivers a sustained release of beta-alanine into the body for hours. As a result, that means you get beta-alanine transported into muscle cells to produce carnosine with sustained supply in your bloodstream, which stays in your body longer compared to instant release beta-alanine, without reaching the typical paresthesia-sensation (itchy, tingly skin feeling).