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Expiration Date 09/2021

Overtraining in the gym can cause depletion of vitamins and minerals in your body. But don't worry because Rockhard got you covered! The easiest solution for that is the new Vita JYM by Dr. Jim Stoppani of JYM Supplements Science.
Vita JYM is an exclusive multivitamin and mineral supplement formulated to provide the micronutrients hard-training athletes need in the exact doses they need them. It’s precisely engineered to deliver exactly what you need to support performance, growth and overall well-being.
Vita JYM is loaded with 25 Key Ingredients that are adequately dosed and in highly-absorbable forms. Vita JYM contains a specific blend of synergistic micronutrients to deliver and help you absorb critical vitamins and minerals in the doses and forms you need.

Vita JYM Key Points:

B-complex 100: Vita JYM is like taking a multi and a B-complex in one!
10,000 IU vitamin A as 100% beta-carotene
400 IU vitamin E
120 mcg Vitamin K2 (as MK-7 and MK-4)
200 mcg chromium picolinate
5 mg BioPerine to enhance absorption


Directions For Vita JYM Multivitamin: Take 2 tablets with a meal such as breakfast every day.