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BPI Sports One More Rep Complete 20 Serves

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BPI Sports One More Rep Complete

Expiry 09/2022

  • Endurance: one more Rep complete contains beta-alanine and S7, a patented ingredient that increases blood flow to muscles for better pump, strength and endurance.*

  • Muscle growth: pre-workouts help you get a better workout by delivering energy and motivation to perform at your best. The harder and longer you work, the better your results will be. In short, more muscle growth.*

  • PUMP: Citrulline improves blood flow to muscles for a better pump. One more Rep complete also contains the patented ingredient Nitrosigine is a fast-acting, long-lasting pump Amplifier. Enjoy the benefits for up to six hours!*

  • Focus & Energy: with 300mg of caffeine, one more Rep complete delivers long-lasting energy, enhanced clarity and focus.*